21 Nov

My very close friend lost two friends to overdoses this week.  Here is a Facebook comment from a mother who lost her son eleven days ago.  

I'm So Blessed Daily
4igt117a2hSc3t03o3sgmi06m83r683  · "My son died 11/4/21, 11 days ago and they found fentanyl in him. I fought so hard for him. Everywhere I turned long term rehab was completely unaffordable and I was left alone to try to save his life. I found him unresponsive when I went in his bedroom and tried CPR but it was too late. I held my sweet boy one last time and begged him to come back. I can’t imagine moving forward with my life. I can’t breathe some days and the pain losing a child in unbearable. I just pray he is at peace and free from his struggles. He will forever be 27 and in my heart. I don’t know how I can possibly survive this, but I know many parents feel this unbearable pain every day and we must fight this epidemic killing our children. Credit:  Becky Witlow Ask for prayer & pray for others here:" https://pray.blessedmedia.co/

Too all addicts your life matters and touches others,  The hurt, pain and fear you cause your loved ones is enormous.  

I know you have your reasons for using.  Please for your sake and the sake of your loved ones go to rehab.  Try turning your life over to Jesus.  If your life turns around your loved ones will greatly rejoice.

Picture from Thought Catalog/Upsplash

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