30 Nov

I am beyond overwhelmed in my Treatment Models Substance Abuse, there are so many Theories to learn, then to top it off, I have to write essays applied to these theories for a make-believe person. 

Now I have to write a research project of 5 to 7 pages on a target population of my choice. In all my other courses I have maintained straight A's, this class is a struggle, and I'm not doing the best. I do have a tutor, so that helps. 

So my point I am getting at is, this class has tested my stress, anxiety, fears which are a lot of my triggers. Definitely has made me crave, you know that feeling that after a hard day of work, go down to the old watering hole and kick back a few to finally relax and forget the stress of the day! I know how to recognize my HRS ( high-risk situation) and assess it. I know this could be a dangerous feeling for me, but I also have learned how to make good decisions that have positively impacted my life. 

My personal growth is STRONG, and I have developed important beliefs that have helped me to develop a perception about myself that has helped me maintain my sobriety! I love that I have acquired a high Self-Efficacy so that I can approach life challenges and decrease the negative emotions that I associate with failure! 

Being in recovery from addiction is hard, learning to deal with everyday life sober is gonna be the toughest challenge you have ever had to endure! A few things that help me are 

1. GOD, building a relationship with God is my go-to! Prayer with meditation and reflection makes me see that God has saved me from personal self-destruction. 

2. Practicing Mindfulness and maintaining an internal balance. This helps me see what is going in inside me and around me, so I can focus and clear my mind of distracting thoughts. There is so much more you can do for your recovery. I can't get enough of learning about my recovery, the more I can learn and do the better it helps with my emotions. 

I learn to take a negative and make it positive! 

If you are struggling with addiction, know that there is always hope! That you are loved, you are worthy of a better life! "Sometimes the only way you can find Heaven is by slowly backing away from hell"!  

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