08 Dec

 I am going to have a serious mental breakdown, my emotions are all over the place, stressed and overwhelmed with anxiety. Over one paper. A paper that should be so easy to write. How is an addict supposed to deal with these emotions sober, how are you supposed to stop panicking, how are you supposed to stop the tears from coming, throwing things. No one said life was going to be easy sober. And they were right, but all those negative feelings that I was just thinking are gone, When I became frustrated and threw my pen and saying I give up, I'm done, I stopped, stepped out of autopilot, and became aware of my actions. Took a deep breath and prayed, I told God I am not going to give up Lord, I felt this peace and voice saying "I know you won't child." The power of prayer, the wonderful feeling of peace, knowing rather you struggle, feel like you ain't going to make it, God is there, he is rooting for you! Now this is what keeps me going. Why would I ever give up, God gave me another chance, he has this wonderful plan for me, his Son died for our sins, Jesus died so I could have a better life, now why would I give up! No one loves you as pure and unconditional as our Lord and Savior! I had to share this. 

Picture by JH

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