03 Jan

Well, I made it through the New Year sober! It was so hard, I ain't gonna lie! New Year's Eve was harsh, I had a craving, or a desire to be somewhere else. It's that hustle that I wanted. So crazy how I can be ok, and then the next not be ok. But those feelings passed, I was safe at home, not wondering where I was gonna sleep or worse I could be dead! For the first time, by my choice, I was not hungover and doing the walk of shame! I am not quite a year yet, and I will share my testimony when the time comes, Don't want to jinx myself! But I know that my sobriety is a journey, not a destination! I know that the first drink will kill me, not the last! I know my passion for a healthy and faithful life with God is stronger than my desire to use! My determination gives me the resolve to keep going, despite the roadblocks that lie before me! God will give me all that I need to complete the work he has called me to do! Again I beg any of you who are struggling with addiction it is never to late to say goodbye to whatever ales you! Your past is never to dark for the light of God's love! If I can do this so can you! You are worthy of recovery! Chase your recovery!  

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